EBusiness UK’s search engine marketing contracts up 50% in pandemic year



A year of new search engine marketing contracts gave Blackburn eBusiness UK a record year in revenue.

The web development and digital marketing specialist has had one of the best years in its more than two-decade history.

As the number of clients served and revenue generated increased across the business, search engine marketing was the primary driver, with a 50% increase in projects undertaken resulting in a 35% increase in income.

Much of the most recent exercise happened during the pandemic, but instead of cutting marketing budgets, many companies have instead recognized digital marketing as a cost-effective method of reaching potential customers who have been pressured by restrictions on staying at home.

Recent projects include assistance to a game provider increases traffic by over 500%, and a pair of suppliers of green space maintenance machines double their online traffic, by helping a PPE company reduce conversion cost by more than 75% and maintain top rankings after acquiring a customer and changing their business name.

eBusiness UK has launched new digital marketing projects with clients, including Toro Blanco, Mersey Rod, Multi-i, Athene Legal, BluDesks.com and Rudy & Lou.

In addition to marketing contracts, the company has also recently started web development and e-commerce projects on behalf of two luxury hotels And one interior supplier, a growing beauty brand, and supplier of health and safety products.

Latif Kothia, Director of eBusiness UK, said: “Search engine marketing has really proven its worth over the past year. It’s affordable, campaigns can target very specific audiences, and it’s become one of the few ways to reach audiences who had been forced to work, socialize, and shop online.

“While the past year has undoubtedly been a challenge for all businesses, we have been fortunate that our services have become an invaluable tool in keeping them running. “

Latif added: “We have had one of our best years of trading and as the pandemic has only accelerated the growing attention to online communication, we believe this leaves us in a very strong position. for the future.”




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