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EatSure has announced the launch campaign to amplify its unique offer to customers across India. EatSure, which is home to several restaurants, has launched its first 360 degree campaign – #FoodcourtOnAnApp created by Leo Burnett India.

The campaign echoes the feelings of customers when ordering food and how EatSure is a solution to these modern food ordering problems, the company said in a press release.

The campaign revolves around the consumer idea that while apps and food delivery services have made dining on wheels convenient, they haven’t necessarily addressed the unmet need for ‘no compromise’. . Customers find it difficult to focus on a single restaurant when ordering food online, especially when ordering in groups.

This happens when a customer is in the mood to order multiple cuisines and is five times more stressed when ordering for family, office and friends. In such cases, orders are placed and received separately, with multiple delivery charges, sometimes with the dessert arriving before the main course or someone’s food being delivered long before others. On the other hand, if all the food is put together without paying a separate delivery charge, this is only possible because some or most of the group members agreed to “compromise” on which restaurant they wanted to order from. just to avoid the hassle of multiple orders in a grouper.

EatSure brings to India a “Foodcourt on an App” philosophy that allows consumers to mix and match multiple trusted restaurants in a single order

Sagar Kochhar, co-founder of Rebel Foods, said, “EatSure was launched as a new category builder – a FoodCourt on an app. With EatSure and the power of the Rebel operating system, we intend to solve the consumer problems that have gone unsolved for all these years when it comes to online food delivery. With our launch campaign, we intend to highlight how seamlessly consumers can order varied cuisines from the most trusted restaurants, delivered together in one order with no delivery charge, making EatSure the preferred choice for group orders.

Rajdeepak Das, Managing Director and Creative Director – South Asia, Leo Burnett, said: “Usually ordering food in a group is a difficult task because everyone wants to eat something different. EatSure now allows ordering from multiple restaurants in one order. Our campaign captures these fun culinary moments. The movies take place in relatable situations, like an office group going through various options for placing their lunch orders and how EatSure can make ordering fun and easy.

Conceptualized by Leo Burnett India, the campaign aims to highlight Uni’s value proposition and how offering flexibility to its users is paramount to the brand. The main film is supported by two short commercials…


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