Dr Morepen Joins Boman Irani for New Campaign, Marketing & Advertising News, AND BrandEquity


Morepen Laboratories has engaged Boman Irani in a brand new branding campaign focused on the medical device industry. In his latest ad, he briefly explains the benefits of having Dr Morepen’s efficient, accurate and convenient home care devices.

Irani said: “Nowadays it is imperative to have health devices like a glucometer and blood pressure monitor also at home, in addition to having a thermometer. I see this collaboration with Dr Morepen as a good opportunity to communicate how easy and important it is to self-monitor your health. Dr Morepen’s devices are user-friendly, fast and reliable. With the help of these devices, we can actually add health to our DIY lists, instead of depending on others!

Anubhav Suri, CEO of Medical Devices Business, said, “At Morepen, we are always focused on creating problem-free technical solutions to help people review their health more safely and quickly. Mr Boman Irani resonates and epitomizes the seriousness of this topic and rightly shares his point in the latest announcement. It gives us immense pride and satisfaction that Dr. Morepen products stand guard in every Indian household and not only take care of the health of the family but also the financial ruin that follows due to late detection. medical problems. A small investment in home diagnostics will act as an armor and protect your health. “

Sushil Suri, Chairman and CEO, added, “Our association with Irani is a step forward to increase the reach and penetration of medical devices in India to a wider level and help us become more aware of the growing threat of diabetes and heart disease which came in fourth. House in the country. We are convinced that our association will go a long way in spreading the message across the country through various channels. Devices. “


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