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A picture of the Dizo ad.

The digital campaign comes in the form of three creative videos, in which various toilet accessories discuss and talk about the gadget – Dizo Trimmer Kit.

Dizo, a brand under the realme TechLife ecosystem, launched a campaign consisting of three videos, to promote the selling points of its recently launched Dizo trimmer kit.

In the videos, the brand animated various bathroom accessories and described how and what these accessories would discuss if a new member joined them.

In the first video, all the groomers share their “painful” experience of everything they go through to make their “man” look handsome and stylish. Scissor is unhappy because man puts it in his nose to cut nose hair. The mirror talks about the difficulty this man goes through using the standard clippers, blades and scissors. At that moment, they all see the man walking towards the toilet mirror with a buzz wearing the Dizo Trimmer kit.

The second video captures a charger’s concern that the Dizo Trimmer Kit doesn’t come across often, thinking the trimmer doesn’t like it anymore, which means the battery life of the trimmer.

The third video begins with a normal mower in a high fever as it was not taken care of during cleaning. The briefcase consoles the tailor while the faucet stings them telling them he can listen in on the whole conversation. The soap opera confirms that the owner has killed three tailors so far. This advertisement highlights the fact that the mower is washable.

Abhilash Panda, CEO of Dizo India, said, “For the Dizo Trimmer Kit, we wanted to be different as always, hoping to connect with young male consumers while highlighting the various differentiated features of our proposition. I’m glad the videos with fanciful bathroom accessories from the latest member while others being jealous and gossiping came out funny and equally informative, and our consumers relate to and love it on our media platforms social. Shrenik Gandhi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of White Rivers Media, said, “We knew the brand would be okay with making a bold move but one that would resonate with audiences. And that’s how we created animated bathroom scenarios and gave accessories a voice to talk about the brand new Dizo Trimmer Kit. It’s a creative and engaging video that I’m sure audiences will love.

The campaign conceptualized by Contract Advertising communicates how the brand’s kitchens are designed to meet the unique needs of modern Indian cuisine.

He will lead the “Never Ordinary” campaign and has been hired for the next two years.

The campaign urges Indians to change their minds – “India is not our mother, it is our daughter”.


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