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Gulf Oil Lubricants India, part of the Hinduja Group, released a campaign to celebrate the 10th anniversary of India’s World Cup triumph, featuring MS Dhoni. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the Gulf Pride “Consistent Insta Pick-up” brand promise of the Gulf Pride motor oil.

The big idea of ​​the communication is to draw a parallel between Dhoni’s consistent performance in the field, for so many years, and the product delivering consistent performance when it comes to instant bike pickup.

Ravi Chawla, Managing Director and CEO of Gulf Oil Lubricants, said: “We know Dhoni has been consistent not only when it comes to his performance in cricket, but also when it comes to his bikes. TVC’s visual catch was to tell the story of Dhoni’s consistent performance by asking Dhoni from 2005 to follow Dhoni’s advice today. He then surprises the 2005-Dhoni when he reveals that his first bike is still there and not only runs well, but has the same Instant Pick-up as before, because of the Gulf Pride motor oil.

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The campaign is designed to restore Gulf Pride’s core message of instant pickup and consistent performance no matter what. “Unlike our previous campaigns, filming was a challenge as we had to recreate MS Dhoni from 2005. While aging a person is relatively easy, reverse aging of a person is a technical challenge. Not only did we have to film Dhoni in a dual role, the visual effects team had to meticulously reverse Dhoni’s age to make him look like himself younger. Much attention was also paid to recreating the clothes and manners of the young Dhoni. Additionally, the script for the interview film was developed with a lot of input from MSD himself, as it had to be compelling as an authentic / genuine conversation with his young self, ”added Chawla.

Speaking about the consumer insights that led to this campaign, he said: “Lubricants are generally a low involvement category, but the Gulf associations with sporting events have paid off very well as the target audience is a good one. match. In this particular case, it is one of the main needs / wants of a motorcyclist that in today’s traffic conditions he is taken care of instantly on his bike ride in order to achieve his destination on time. This campaign indicates that Gulf Pride not only provides instant pickup (acceleration), but also does so consistently over thousands of miles and years.

The brand believes that there are very few who embody the ethics of this proposition like MS Dhoni, a partner of the brand for almost a decade. With him having reached the peak of his career, it was the perfect time to leverage his consistent performance to match the constant efforts to improve product performance. The creative idea is a reflection of his illustrious cricket career and his equally consistent love for the bike.

Conceptualized by DDB Mudra, the campaign brief was to launch the enhanced Pride 4T Ultra Plus with an improved core value proposition of consistent instant support, in line with the requirements of the latest bikes in the commuter segment. This conversation is also aimed at influencers in the bazaar segment – retailers and mechanics. Therefore, the requirement was something simple but resonating with all audiences.

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