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An image from one of Dezerv’s ‘youdezervbetter’ campaign adverts

Dezerv has launched a new campaign called “youdezervbetter” to educate people about potentially dangerous investing habits.

The campaign highlights the importance of using a team of industry experts for investment portfolios.

Conceptualized and created by Dezerv and [email protected], the campaign consists of three films shot in a witty end-terview format conveyed through a series of interviews between a news anchor on one side and a journalist, a end-influencer and an active investor who uses Google on the other end.

It is a light-hearted approach to investment decision-making and highlights the need for expert advice to help people create lasting wealth for themselves.

One of the films shows how following the advice of so-called social media experts can leave a person penniless.

The film depicts how a late-fluencer who had turned 30 from under 30 and destroyed the savings of millions of young Indians through his financial advice and his journey from making dance reels to providing business advice. social media investment.

Sandeep Jethwani, co-founder of Dezerv, said: “Our campaign highlights the dangers of investing based on unscientific methods. We thought of adapting a witty approach that is relatable.

“The campaign aims to encourage investors to seek expert advice from the platform to invest their money through a seamless digital experience,” he added.

Watch the videos here:

The TVC aims to position the contribution of an insurance advisor and to recognize their efforts in the lives of their clients.


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