Data Skrive, which sells content automation technology to media and sports betting, raises $ 7 million


Data Skrive helps generate online content such as news for sites like ESPN. (Image Data Skrive)

Data Skrive, a Seattle-based startup that automates the creation of sports-related content, raised $ 7 million in a round led by Bettor Capital.

The company helps media outlets such as the Associated Press and ESPN produce online content. It also sells its software to sports leagues, sports betting and university sports departments.

Data Skrive originally started as Hero Sports, a company founded in 2014 that focused on college sports news content. He set up software to help automate story production, and then gained the attention of media outlets such as AP, who began to use the technology to create their own stories.

Today, some of the company’s customers buy more than a million items per year.

Data Skrive is also feeling the effects of the increased legalization of sports betting. Some digital channels don’t allow advertising around sports betting, so gambling companies are turning to organic content as a user acquisition strategy, the co-founder said. Jordan nilsen. This is good news for a company like Data Skrive.

“In some parts of the world, regulations are tightening and squeezing margins, so the unitary content automation economy acts as an attenuator, as well as a growth tool,” Nilsen said.

Data Skrive’s machine-learning-based engine enables the creation of unique content based on specific topics of interest and a customer’s goals. It is also formatted for specific distribution channels.

Brad weitz, a seasoned start-up advisor with expertise in marketing technology, took over as CEO in 2017 and continues to lead the company, which now has 24 employees.

Jake kleiner, investment partner at Bettor Capital, has joined the board of directors following the new financing.


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