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Digital marketing is becoming an integral part of all brands’ overall marketing spend to outpace the competition. And in this, content marketing ranks first. Today, companies, regardless of their size and target markets, have realized the growing importance of good quality content, scaling content production coupled with consistency of delivery high quality content.

Often, this content delivery process is challenged by three key factors: quality content, consistent delivery, and the speed at which content needs to be created. All of this done with precision goes a long way in building brand trust and gaining followers online.

Change of direction in content marketing

With the advent of technology, dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), data science and machine learning, the content industry has experienced a paradigm shift. Brands position themselves as experts in their respective sectors by publishing exceptional long-form content, a guarantee of credibility, trust and loyalty. Various artificial intelligence (AI) solutions today promise to create amazing copies for businesses. Automation coupled with artificial intelligence is likely to transform the entire digital marketing scenario, especially the content marketing industry.

AI in content creation

AI is revolutionizing the way content is created today. The past two years have seen a substantial increase in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content marketing. Developing quality content starts with identifying a topic, conducting online research, gathering your thoughts, and finally putting those thoughts into words. The deployment of AI may have shortened the process. Many companies are adopting AI to design content strategies and improve their offering. He can actually weave a provided list of words into a narrative in a much more compelling way that ultimately results in an interaction between humans and words.

The growing use of chatbots by various brands across industries for initial problem solving or answering simple FAQs is a testament to its growing implementation. Multilingual chatbots are found to be more effective in supporting native language interaction without human interference. They ease the pressure to a great extent while humans can devote time to structured work and planning.

Brands are reaping benefits with AI copywriting and content search automation tools. With these benefits, AI in content can be both cost-effective and fast-paced with increased ROI for brands implementing it. This allows a brand to increase its overall productivity and helps it invest time in strategizing and understanding its audience better.

Brands and automated content creation

Automated content creation and delivery is the need of the hour for individuals, agencies, and businesses. Artificial intelligence can speed up the content creation process by showing accurate suggestions through automatic content, while marketers can focus more on conducting the marketing campaign effectively. Increased ROI, faster delivery, and the ability to map quality content are simply unbelievable.

However, brands will continue to rely heavily on humans to mitigate errors. Without forgetting the creative aspect of the human brain.

Talking about the relevance of the AI-based content automation market, Mayank Jain, co-founder and CEO of Scalenut, says, “If you post content online — long articles, quick blog posts, or even social media posts — you are trying to communicate in a meaningful way with your audience. Establishing authority and trust are two of the most fundamental goals of any online content. What also matters is the speed at which the content is developed. At Scalenut, our AI-powered platform can perform comprehensive research, gain insights, and create compelling content in minutes.

The path to follow

With the dominance of technology happening at lightning speed, AI automation in content is here to stay. Today, users can write ad copy, social media captions, blog ideas, meta descriptions, or entire blogs with just a few clicks. In addition to this, the use of AI and NLP helps to make the output high quality and engaging.

The very nature of the industry is fragmented with multiple players providing one solution or another. What marketers need is a unified solution for the entire content lifecycle. That would mean the right toolset and the right talent coming together and solving complex workflows

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