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BE Exclusive: Castrol Activ takes a 3-pronged approach for the latest campaign.

Castrol Activ launched its latest advertising campaign with a focus on ATL, digital and on-the-ground engagement. Much of the campaign focuses on TV advertising across genres through Television Commercials (TVCs). The campaign was launched on August 3.

The campaign, titled # 3XProtectionKeepsEngineFit, includes 3 separate commercials that show how Castrol Activ protects bike motors and protects them from excessive noise, heat and stress.

Conceptualized and developed by Ogilvy India, the commercials feature two friends – Venky and Ayush – engaged in friendly yet spirited bike challenges that include a sound, heat and stress test. Ayush is eager to show off his bike’s superiority by winning these tests. However, on a bike protected by Castrol Activ, Venky emerges as the winner, leaving Ayush confused. At the end of each commercial, Venky takes Ayush to his mechanic at a Castrol Bike Point who maintains Ayush’s bike with Castrol Activ; and tells how the 3X protection of the lubricant “keeps the engine in shape”, thus positioning Castrol Activ as the catalyst for superior protection.

With Shraddha Kapoor, the campaign revolves around ‘Tell MyGlamm what you want’ …

Jaya Jamrani, Vice President – Marketing, Castrol India, says: “When we did our research with consumers, we realized that there are certain times in the consumer journey where they feel the need for a enhanced protection. And then we looked at the history of our product, Castrol Activ which offers superior protection. With this campaign we have basically married the two – the product has benefited from the consumer insight that I mentioned earlier. ”
She adds that the films also want to show the chemistry between young owners of bikes and scooters. The films were treated in a way that millennials could identify with and find relevant in their daily lives. “We also made sure that the mechanic was an integral part of the film. It comes from the category idea that mechanics are an integral part of the consumers’ decision-making journey and so over the years we have made sure that the mechanic is also an important part of the overall campaign, ”said Jamrani.
Sukesh Nayak, Creative Director at Ogilvy India, says: “No rider likes their bike not running because of an improper motor. So, with that in mind, we decided to put Castrol Activ through a series of tests. Then we had the idea of ​​two friends riding against each other. The campaign is light but strongly demonstrates how Castrol Activ keeps the motorbike engine in shape. The TVC jingle which has been a consistent feature, appearing in our previous campaign as well, explains very well the basic idea of ​​never stopping and always protecting, ‘ruk mat, ruk mat, chal tu, chal tu.’

The association will start with Kapoor appearing in a multitude of collateral as well as ongoing digital campaigns …

All commercials take place in the desert terrain of Rajasthan, a deviation from the visuals one sees in such advertising campaigns. Advertisements for motor oil and / or other car / bike ancillary products typically feature hilly or mountainous terrain or a crowded city road. However, the pandemic placed restrictions on where the campaign could be shot, and the brand and Ogilvy focused on Rajasthan as a location as it provided the necessary terrain for commercials and provided safe filming locations.
TVC will go live on August 3 in all genres on TV. Jamrani points out that since the goal of the TV campaign is to have maximum reach, the brand has decided to launch the films in multiple genres, rather than just focusing on what are traditionally seen as asymmetrical male genres for the television advertising – news and sports. However, since the goal is to have a wide reach, the brand will be aggressive in advertising sporting events like the upcoming India-England series. As dates for the second installment of this year’s Indian Premier League have been announced, Jamrani said the brand will be making a call to invest in advertising on the IPL as the play-off dates approach.

While television will form the backbone of the campaign, Castrol Activ will also promote visibility and engagement via the field and digital channel. In an effort to increase consumer and customer engagement, Castrol Activ has also launched a web-based, mobile-focused game that recreates the three TVC tests. By scanning a QR code, consumers and customers can now put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists of the commercial. This game will also be rolled out across gaming platforms to deliver deeper consumer engagement.

The power of social media platforms to deliver personalized information has changed the dynamics …

Jamrani explains that digital has actually helped the brand stay in touch and engage the mechanics community despite the physical restrictions of the pandemic-induced lockdowns. “Over the past year, a year and a half, at Castrol, we’ve actually been able to engage in a consistent dialogue with our mechanics and dealers online through a platform called Castrol Super Mechanic Online Academy, which counts. more than 40,000 mechanics. We also have a platform called Castrol fast scan, where we have a large database of mechanics with whom we have daily interaction and daily transaction, ”she adds.

For markets that are selectively opening up, the brand has found that consumers, dealers and mechanics do actually go to the markets physically, although the degree of exit differs from location to location and from location to location. moment to moment. For this group of audiences, the brand has deployed high quality point of sale material. This also includes the training material that is given to the service professional at the point of sale so that the story of the product’s benefits can also be communicated in the field.

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