Best Ecommerce Software Blogger Linda Bustos Wins Search Engine Marketing Fellowship


Linda Bustos

Certified search engine marketing journey

Elastic path software, the pioneer of flexible e-commerce software, is pleased to announce Linda Bustos, e-commerce consultant and chief blogger for the Get the Elastic eCommerce Blog, as the 2008 Marketing Pilgrim Fellowship in Search Engine Marketing.

Bustos winning article titled,“8 stupid things webmasters do to mess up their analytics,” has won numerous article submissions from top search marketers and offered step-by-step instructions on how businesses can save time and hassle by redesigning the way they use Google Analytics.

“Google Analytics can lie to you, even if it is telling the truth, just because you don’t tell it how to effectively track your site,” Bustos explains in the article.

One point of interest in the winning article was the need to properly track IP addresses. Most websites are able to track IP addresses, but may not know if they are doing it correctly. Adding a filter for any user who does not represent the target audience, including company employees on their home computers, desktop IP block, SEOs and other web consultants and competitors, helps webmasters to reduce the analysis of irrelevant traffic.

“Kudos to Linda Bustos who won the majority of votes from our expert judges and whose input was a great role model for any ‘how-to’ article,” said Andy Beal, CEO of Marketing Pilgrim. “Linda walks away with our mega scholarship and the honor of beating stiff competition.”

The Marketing Pilgrim Sponsors SEM Scholarship includes:

  • One-year “Company” subscription to the online reputation monitoring tool
  • Three-month SEO training with Aaron Wall
  • A free seat at Eisenberg’s Call to Action seminar and a signed copy of their book
  • A free spot for Jill Whalen High Rankings SEO training courses
  • Enroll in a Certified Search Engine Marketer Pathway Course at
  • Six months of training from

Bustos began writing on Elastic Path’s “Get Elastic” blog in October 2007, and helped the blog become the # 1 e-commerce blog on the Internet, with over 4,500 RSS and email readers .


Bustos and the Get Elastic eCommerce blog have both received industry recognition. The Wall Street Journal recently named Get Elastic one of the 15 Entrepreneur Blogs to Read, and it’s been on the AdAge Power 150 list of the best marketing blogs on the web.

As an Emerging Media Analyst, Ecommerce Consultant and Chief Blogger at Elastic Path Software, Bustos’ expertise covers all aspects of Internet Marketing including SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, social media, conversion optimization and web usability. His experience has earned him citations from Fortune Small Business Magazine and the eCommerce Guide, as well as articles for ProBlogger, Marketing Pilgrim, and Duct Tape Marketing.

As a member of Canadian Women in Communications, Bustos was a professor in the career acceleration program at the Banff New Media Institute. She was also named one of the Vancouver Tech Women to Watch in 2008.

Busto’s passion for public speaking has led her to participate in many events, including the Vancouver Social Media Bar Panel and the Banff Blog Promo for Broadcasting.

The Get Elastic blog will host a A / B Testing Webinar on September 11, 2008 with bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now.

About Elastic Path software:

Elastic Path Software has launched flexible e-commerce software that enables online retailers to attract and convert customers profitably. Elastic Path’s fully integrated e-commerce framework is designed specifically for mid-size retailers operating in a multi-channel environment. Using innovative Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology and streamlined open source components, Elastic Path’s technology enables its customers to maximize resources and quickly scale tactics at a comfortable price point. Companies such as, Cotswold Collections, Aeroplan, Random House, and Xerox use Elastic Path for maximum control over their rapidly growing online stores.

Elastic Path Software is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For more information, please call 1-800-942-5282 or visit


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