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A photo of Alia Bhatt from the campaign

In an effort to guide consumers on the importance of making well-informed choices when it comes to their sleep solutions products, Duroflex has launched a new campaign with its National Brand Ambassador and actress Alia Bhatt.

The campaign featuring two TVCs aims to educate customers that when it comes to good sleep, believe only in the benefits of sleep essentials that are backed by research and endorsed by experts.

Smita Murarka, Director of Marketing at Duroflex, said, “The main consumer insight that led to the conceptualization of this campaign was the complexity of the mattress buying process. claims but are often not of good quality. Our bed is a space where we spend almost a third of our time and yet the awareness or knowledge that a consumer needs to make the choice of a mattress is very limited.

The first TVC educates consumers that buying mattresses is not a one-size-fits-all business, while the second warns them against being lured by seemingly attractive offers and making the wrong choice.

The first TVC captures the moment Bhatt reunites with his friend Adarsh ​​Gaurav, sleeping uncomfortably on his mattress. The conversation between the two further reveals that Gaurav bought the mattress thinking that because it’s memory foam, it’s good for his back. At this, Bhatt lightly reprimands him, saying “Har Memory Foam Orthopedic nahi hota, aur har neend neend nahin hoti”, explaining that specific problems require specialized solutions.

The second TVC is a shorter 15-second story where Bhatt advises users not to be lured into seemingly attractive offers like the free trial lest they end up with dark circles like his friends. “The right mattress for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, confusing technical claims and brand offerings lead people to buy mattresses that don’t fit their needs. The new Duroflex TVC will help educate the consumer about this subject.”

“Buying a mattress can be a complex exercise because the key aspects that define a purchase are not well understood by consumers and the pile of generic or false claims in the market only confuses them further. We believe that with honest conversations, we can educate consumers to make well-informed choices that meet their individual needs,” Murarka said.

“We have a 360-degree launch plan with TV and outdoor to support our commercial footprint while we have a full digital approach. During this time, we would be the biggest spenders in TV,” Murarka added.

The TVC was conceptualized by Tilt Brand Solutions and executed by Studio Q.

Adarsh ​​Atal, Executive Director of Tilt Brand Solutions, said, “You don’t have the opportunity or the need to buy too many mattresses in your lifetime. This is why it is even more imperative in this category to have a unique and convincing argument. With ‘Asli Neend’ we parted ways with the noise in the category around sleep quality and the endless list of complaints. We changed the argument to whether sleeping on another mattress can even be called ‘sleeping’ itself.”

The campaign is based on the idea that Indian shoppers want their selection at a great price in super speed – without compromising on the experience. It conveys ease of purchase and confidence.


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