Abbyy Vantage envisions easy infusion of AI into content automation


Abbyy, the long-time provider of content capture and document data extraction software, has launched Vantage, a new content automation platform designed to simplify intelligent automation processes by enabling users to integrate data mining tools into their RPA and BPA platforms.

Released April 2 in beta, the automation and content management platform illustrates how the company, founded in 1989, adapts well to Modern RPA, data mining and analysis technologies, said Holly Muscolino, analyst at IDC.

“This idea of ​​smart capture is not new,” Muscolino said. “It’s something we’ve been doing for at least a decade, even with basic machine learning built in. “

Vantage represents “an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary process,” she added. Abbyy is a client of Muscolino.

Abbyy, old and new

Abbyy, based in Milpitas, Calif., Has been a leading provider of smart capture software, with his product FlexiCapture one of the most widely data capture recognized and used platforms.

FlexiCapture, now available in a two-digit iteration, has kept pace with technological developments, adding intelligent image-to-text conversion, OCR, data mining and data analysis capabilities as AI has become more available and affordable.

[Vantage represents] an evolutionary process, not revolutionary.
Holly MuscolinoAnalyst, IDC

Vantage, however, is Mathias Fransen, Managing Partner at Abbyy partner RoboRana, described as a “light version” of FlexiCapture. It allows users to integrate smart skills like text and data mining tools into their RPA or BPA platforms, he said.

RoboRana customers, which helps companies automate their processes and configure RPA, have sometimes found FlexiCapture “cumbersome,” Fransen said.

“It can be difficult to understand and difficult to put together on their own,” he said.

However, Fransen added, the Vantage content automation platform is straightforward. For example, in an early release of the product, RoboRana was able to add additional data fields requested by a customer and learn the algorithm behind this process within half an hour.

Abbyy Vantage offers an interface to design smart skills

Easier, simpler

Neil Murphy, vice president of global business development at Abbyy, said that with Vantage, Abbyy has tried to create a product that uses advanced AI technologies but is simple for people on the market. business side use.

For RPA users in particular, said Murphy, “it should be relatively easy for them to create a goal or skill” with Vantage.

The content automation platform, which Abbyy says will be fully available in Q2, will come with a number of smart skills preloaded that can be applied to various content-based processes including RPA and BPA.

Those preloaded skills include OCR, data classification, and data mining, which can be adapted and trained as needed, Murphy said. Users can also create and deploy skills using a relatively simple user interface.

Looking for new users

Because it’s easy to use, according to Abbyy, Vantage should tap into a new market of business users who might not have technical knowledge.

According to Muscolino, the Vantage content management and automation platform is a reaction to current technological trends.

While Vantage is not unique – RoboRana works with similar products from other vendors, including Irvine, Calif.-Based Kofax, which also sells a content automation platform – it is expected to attract new customers and attract current customers, said Muscolino.

“Abbyy’s approach is very positive as they understand that they are marketing to a new buyer,” Muscolino said.


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