9 Killer Ecommerce Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Startup (No, Really!)



Almost 15% of startups fail because of bad marketing strategies.

You might have the best product, but if you can’t get the word out or get your target audience in, you’ll struggle to generate sales.

Fortunately, you can learn how to capture potential customers, turn them into buyers, and retain them, even if your resources are limited.

Dive into this article with nine ecommerce marketing tactics to grow your startup.

1. Send compelling promotional emails

Send the right email at the right time to get subscribers to accept your offers.

For example, if your customers have left their virtual cart, send cart abandonment emails reminding them to complete their order.

Increase your click-through and open rates, among other things, by using relevant subject lines, engaging designs, and concise content.

Also include CTA buttons so buyers can respond directly to your offer. It increases your conversion, sales, and income.

You can do all of this with email marketing tools like Sender.

Sender lets you design mobile-friendly emails or customize their templates, easily personalize, insert product images and videos, automate your email workflows, and more.

Plus, insert eye-catching and professional-looking email signatures to get more leads, email responses, social reach, and more. Use signature generation tools such as WiseStamp.

With just a few clicks, WiseStamp lets you customize your email signature by filling in basic details, your social media IDs, formatting styles and more.

You can even create different versions for yourself and your team, centralize the management of your branding and signatures and integrate them into your messaging platforms.

If you use Gmail, for example, you can fully and quickly synchronize signature management for your company’s G suite, allowing you to segment signatures by department, and more.

2. Install live chat

Use live chat to engage potential customers and increase your sales and conversions.

With live chat, visitors can ask you questions about your product more easily. You can also help them browse your catalog and consolidate their purchasing decisions.

Install live chat with tools like Live agent.

LiveAgent allows you to chat with your visitors in real time and automate chat invitations to customers. It even allows you to customize your chat window and easily integrate it on your site.

Leverage live chat to capture and qualify leads faster and improve consumer happiness and the shopping experience.

3. Optimize your keywords for search engines

Target the right keywords to increase your site’s visibility on search engines.

Use keyword research tools such as Word tracker.

Enter your start phrase and press Enter. I typed in “natural cosmetics” as a sample, and these results appeared:

Wordtracker lists keywords with performance metrics: average monthly volume, competition level, and number of webpage keywords appearing in anchor and title tags (IAAT).

Go for high yielding, low competition phrases such as “natural preservatives for cosmetics” in the example.

Also include buyer intent phrases and your location in your keywords to optimize your local ads.

Sample sentences: “affordable sunglasses and eyewear in New Jersey”, “Miami surfboards under $ 800”, and so on.

Sprinkle these phrases appropriately into your blog posts, product pages and descriptions, photo alt tags, and the like.

4. Use pop-ups for opt-in offers

Pop-ups have an average conversion rate of 3.09% in 2020. Use them to promote your opt-in offers and get visitors to take action.

Remember these tips when viewing your pop-up offers:

  • Configure pop-ups to appear at the right time, such as immediately when visitors arrive at your site, or after a few minutes of stay, indicating their interest in your store.
  • Keep your contextual content concise, with only a maximum of one to two fields requested for entry. The longer ones repel your customers.
  • Stick to a conversion goal and an offer for each pop-up. This avoids confusing your customers and delaying decision making.
  • Align your offers and settings and pop-up formats with your goals, customer activity and more.

Design compelling pop-ups with tools like OptinMonster.

On your dashboard, OptinMonster lets you choose your pop-up’s format and template, customize its CTA buttons, font styles, etc., and determine when it’s displayed.

Thanks to well-designed pop-ups, you stimulate your customers’ interest in your opt-in offers and boost your conversions.

5. Post great photos

Invite visitors to linger on your site by showing photos of your product in high resolution and from different angles.

This amplifies the detail of the item, allowing customers to inspect it thoroughly and convince them of its quality.

Hershey’s presents an excellent example:

Hershey’s displays a large, enticing photo of its s’mores on its homepage, enticing visitors to buy their product (and enter their contest).

Mango also provides a great example, with high impact zoomed photos of her buttoned wrap dress at the back, front, side, etc. :

With great photos on your homepage and product pages, you captivate and entice your customers to buy, increasing your sales and profits.

6. Leverage video marketing

Brands that use video marketing are growing their annual revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

Take advantage of video marketing to showcase your product, detail its features, demonstrate the best use of the item, and more.

Skin care, for example, dedicate a monthly page BeautyFIX Box reveals, tutorials and product presentation videos.

If you post videos to YouTube, apply an eye-catching design and the right size for your thumbnail. Also use consistent styles and branding Ulta Beauty made:

Embed your YouTube video on your website instead of uploading it to save space.

Through video marketing, you can attract potential buyers and positively influence their purchasing decisions.

7. Use a functional and attractive web design

Apply attractive web designs to impress your visitors, grab their attention, and show your legitimacy and professionalism.

Also improve the functionality of your site to facilitate navigation in your store and improve the shopping experience of your customers.

A stellar example is Break‘ online shop:

Recess has a colorful, creative and simple homepage. He presents his drink in a can with micro-animation, a CTA button, Shop and Log in links and your shopping cart (canned drink icon).

With a functional and attractive design, you make your shopping more enjoyable and keep your buyers coming back to your store.

8. Offer coupons

Customers love to buy items at cheaper rates. Get them to add items to their shopping carts by offering them discount codes, vouchers, and coupons.

Here is an example of United by blue:

United by Blue invited its visitors to take advantage of a 30% discount on products by using the code “SUNSHINE” when checking out.

Flash your coupons on your home page so customers can see them immediately. Also include a CTA button, leading to the correct page. Doing so increases your sales, profits, and conversions.

9. Run referral programs

Referral programs help spread brand awareness, leading to more customers, sales and conversions.

Encourage your existing customers to sponsor your brand by rewarding them for every friend who becomes a paying buyer.

here’s how Pop Graphic did it:

He designed a huge banner advertising his referral program so it is sure to grab some attention. Clicking on “Start” leads to a page which briefly explains the system:

Through referral programs, you maximize the marketing power of your repeat buyers, expanding your brand promotion and customer reach in a cost effective manner.

Grow Your Startup Fast With These Marketing Tactics

Marketing your ecommerce startup is a gradual thing, so keep implementing these tips until your performance skyrockets.

Be innovative and align your campaigns with the needs of your customers. Always test, monitor and refine your strategies. Over time, you will grow your startup and achieve the desired results.



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