4-step e-commerce marketing maturity model: a framework for SME retailers


In a world of constant connectivity, online shoppers expect to find, browse and buy products easily, when and where they want. As they move from an increasing number of devices and channels to a growing number, the path to purchase becomes more and more complex. It’s no longer about delivering the right product at the right price, merchants large and small are in constant competition to meet high expectations for a smooth and enjoyable experience with every interaction.

This fierce competition for consumer attention is causing many store owners to feel the pressure to become digital marketing experts. For e-commerce SMEs, which rarely have dedicated marketing teams or budgets to hire consultants, mastering the intricacies of online marketing can be an overwhelming, if not crippling, task.

While there are a variety of marketing tools and technologies available to help merchants develop, analyze, and optimize campaigns, many are even accessible and affordable to small retailers, knowing where to begin the marketing journey often blocks the process beforehand. even that it does not begin. Implementing the right strategies at the right time is essential for marketing success. Marketers need to identify their current state of marketing and visualize a clear path to the next level.

To help merchants master marketing and develop a plan to continuously improve results and generate revenue, Springbot and FitForCommerce worked together to study and define common stages of marketing maturity for SME merchants. Careful exploration of online merchants and retail operations at varying levels of growth has revealed that most SME marketers will be in one of the four stages of marketing.

Whether you are about to launch an online store or already have an online presence, it is essential to evolve your e-commerce marketing skills and knowledge as your business grows and matures over time. over time.

First step: the ad hoc marketing specialist

  • The multi-hat wearer who is determined to grow their online presence. Although he must manage most of his tasks manually, the ad-hoc marketer focuses on mastering the fundamentals of marketing. Ad hoc marketers focus on building brand awareness and driving site traffic and conversions.

Step two: the aspiring marketer

  • Those who have mastered the basics of running a business and are able to manage more than one or two channels. Aspiring marketers are ready and eager to test automated marketing tools to better engage their current and potential customers.

Third step: the full-fledged marketer

  • The full-fledged marketer is a more sophisticated marketer, which generates a constant stream of online sales. They are data miners, who uncover all the hidden information to create a more individualized and personalized approach to marketing.

Fourth step: the best marketer

  • The Most Successful Marketer has successfully mastered all stages of e-commerce marketing maturity, and through automation and data consolidation can now focus their efforts on sustaining an online experience. streamlined while keeping an eye on changing technological trends.

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